Useful Feature for Women Drivers: Extra Window by Side Mirror –

As we all know and often face it, women have driving problems and they usually are mercilessly criticized by the others because they don’t look in the side or rear mirror for other cars, for example, when they change the driving direction. But as a woman, I think the real and most important problem is that or view is often obstructed by the side mirror and the A-pillar in front of it, and we cannot see the other cars.

That’s why I find very useful the extra window feature of some cars, such as 2012 Mazda 5, 2011 Ford Fiesta or 2011 Toyota Prius. That extra triangular window really helps women drivers and gives them a better view of the road.

So, do you use this feature? Do you have any suggestions about ways of improving visibility for the driver while being behind the wheel?

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