USF1 might not make the 2010 Formula 1 season |

The 2010 Formula 1 season is set to receive quite a few new teams, either renamed, like Mercedes GP, or completely fresh entries, like Lotus F1.

But one specific team which was highly anticipated by North American fans is USF1, which promised to make the motorsport competition much more popular in the territory and to prove that Americans aren’t all about Nascar racing.

Sadly though, it seems things aren’t going so well with the pre-season preparations, as the New York Times is reporting that financial problems are causing a chain reaction which might lead to the dismantlement of the new team.

It seems that YouTube founder Chad Hurley isn’t supplying anymore money, and the team managers don’t have enough cash to pay engineers, suppliers or even their single confirmed driver, Jose Maria Lopez. But while nothing is official, other voices are saying that a merger with another new, but also troubled team, Campos Meta 1, might be possible somewhere along the road.

Until we hear it straight from USF1 or Campos representatives, things are still blurry. The FIA, Formula 1’s reigning body, did reveal that new teams, if they are experiencing problems, may be pardoned from the first three races, but if they can’t appear on the fourth one, they will be disqualified from the rest of the season.

Source: WCF

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