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Dutch website AutoTelegraaf revealed some info on the highly expected BMW M3 along with some photographs of the engine that will power this BMW. It appears that the new M3′s engine will be a V8 producing 420hp and with peak torque of 400Nm.

This engine is derived from the potent 5.0L V10 engine used in the M3′s big brothers M5 and M6, and it will displace 4.0L and produce its peak 420hp output at a lofty 8,300rpm, while maximum torque of 400Nm comes in at even higher 8,400rpm. Though this latter figure might not seem such a big deal, thanks to the Double Vanos valve technology, the new V8 engine delivers up to 340Nm of torque from only 2,000rpm. The use of aluminum and composite materials in its construction, the mighty motor weighs in at just 202kg.

The new BMW M3 is expected in September this year, the coupe model, followed soon after by the convertible, sedan and touring variants.

Via AutoTelegraaf.

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