Vauxhall launches VXR Power Events 2010 |

The summer is rapidly approaching, and with it, the opportunity to have some fun with your car, either driving to specific places or just driving for the heck of it.

Vauxhall owners will have more reasons to have fun with their cars, as the company has just unleashed the schedule for the VXR Power Events in 2010. From roller coaster rides, to track days or simple meetups, there’ll be all types of fun.

The events are catered only to Vauxhall VXR, Vauxhall V8 and Vauxhall Performance Car owners, but they will be able to bring one friend, so it might be a great time to pull in some favors. If you don’t own a performance Vauxhall or don’t have any friends who do, the Vauxhall Astra VXR Arctic Edition has just been launched.

For more details about all of these special events plus the ability to book tickets, check out the VXR Power Events page.

Source: TorqueAstra

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