Vehicular Catastrophe: When Cars Split and Drivers Take Flight

  • A spectacular single-car wreck resulted in the vehicle splitting into four parts.
  • The driver, proving to be more challenging to launch than a SpaceX rocket, ended up a whopping 154 feet away from the wreckage.
  • Currently, the real-life Iron Man impersonator is being treated for critical injuries at a local hospital.

Now, for my hot take. Clearly, this guy had a bad day. Seriously, usually you only see split decisions at an ice cream shop, not split cars in the middle of the road. It’s a shame ejector seats and parachutes aren’t standard features yet.

Tossing the driver 154 feet? That’s farther than most of my Uber rides. I sincerely hope he’s part of the frequent flyer program. Here’s to hoping he makes a quick recovery and trades that car in for a pair of roller skates. Man, talk about a rough commute.


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