Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Announced |

Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari

If you didn’t know, Vertu is Nokia’s upmarket division that produces a limited series of luxury mobile phones for people that are willing to part a couple of thousands of dollars for a mobile phone. A few years ago Vertu was launching what seemed to be an endless stream of special models that were connected in some ways to cars. Some had an automotive-grade construction while others had a specific branding – the most popular one was the Ascent.

However, it has been quite a while since Vertu launched a car-themed phone and for this year they are back with yet another Ferrari-branded special edition phone. The Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari is more lower-key in comparison to its predecessors as far as the color scheme is concerned and features a very durable matte black PVD-coated titanium construction and some subtle yet effective hints of red on the keypad, the leather trim which is hand-stitched by the way, as well as on the back and the crackle-finish side grip which its style is inspired after Maranello’s trademark cam covers.

The phone itself features a 2-inch QVGA crystal sapphire display and 3G quad-band connectivity which means that you can use it all over the globe. We almost forgot about the Prancing Horse logos, they’re there of course.

Vertu will be making only 2,011 units of the Ascent Ti Ferrari special edition.