Vettel’s Infiniti FX50 S Priced At 120,000 Euro

According to the British car magazine Autocar, Sebastian Vettel’s special edition of the Infiniti FX50 S will cost more than 120,000 Euro in Europe, which means that in the UK it will set you back approximately 100,000 pounds.

Infiniti plans on rolling only 50 units of the car for the European market and up until now the Japanese automaker has received eight orders from customers in Europe, along with Sebastian Vettel who will get the first unit. The car is scheduled to enter the production phase this October and the units will be delivered in the beginning of 2013.

This special edition of the Infiniti FX50 S is going to remain just about the same as the concept we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with the exception of the matte white paint which will be replaced with a pearlescent white paint. Under the hood it will host a V8 5.0-liter engine with 414 hp that allows the SUV to hit a top speed of 186 mph.

The carbon fiber bodykit of the car has been developed by the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, while the settings for the sporty chassis have been specified by Vettel himself. That bodykit is able to lower the drag by 5% and it also produces additional downforce.

Source: Autocar

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