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Volvo has unveiled yesterday the new 2011 S60 sedan, which will sports the new brand design, and also a plethora of safety features, with the pedestrian collision system being the most important one.

In order to fully show off the new car, which will see its formal debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March, the Swedish company released five new videos, showcasing the interior and exterior design, how it drives on the open road and on the city, and, last but not least, how it handles in a crash.

Hit the jump to enjoy the new 2011 Volvo S60 in these videos.

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Even though it doesn’t have the importance of the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS), the Chicago Auto Show, which is going on these days in the windy city, is still host to a few new models.

One of them is the 2011 Ford Edge facelift, which comes with a restyled appearance and a few new engines in the lineup for the Blue Oval’s crossover. The most important unit, from the three engines available, is the new EcoBoost 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which promises improve fuel economy and lower emissions while keeping power levels at a respectable level.

The standard engine on the 2011 Edge will still be 3.5-liter V6 one, which develops 285 HP and 253 lb-ft of torque, while the Edge Sport edition will include the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine capable of 305 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Among the new things in the improved Edge is its restyled front fascia, and the slightly revised rear end. The brake system has also received an upgrade, complete with larger rear rotors and revised brake booster. The Edge SEL and Limited trim lines will now sport 18-inch wheels, with 20-inch ones available as an option, while the Edge Sport (pictured above) will go all in with 22-inch wheels as standard.

As with all new models from the Blue Oval, the MyFord Touch infotainment system is included, appearing as standard on the Edge Limited and Sport. It will boast a 8-inch color touchscreen LCD, which will match the revised instruments, and the dual multi-tasking 4.2-inch information panels, located on each side of the speedometer, which can be operated by the switches located on the steering wheel.

Hit the jump to see the video presentation of the 2011 Ford Edge and enjoy the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: 2011 Ford Edge


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Ford’s F150 Raptor pick-up truck is an extremely popular vehicle in the USA, but even though it has plenty of grunt for the everyday tasks it needs to do, the tuners at Hennessey believed an increase in power is never a bad thing.

As such, they fitted a Whipple supercharger onto the Raptor’s 5.4-liter V8 engine, taking its power up to 501 HP and 520 lb-ft of torque. The engineers also threw in some other engine mods like a K&N intake, upgraded fuel injectors, a stainless steel exhaust system and, as usual, an updated the ECU for increased performance.

The result is a massive decrease in the 0 to 62 mph time of this new model, dubbed the VelociRaptor 500, from 8.4 to 5.6 seconds. Quarter mile times have also been improved, as the performance pick-up will now be able to sprint it in 14.1 seconds while reaching 97 mph.

In case these features sparked your interest, the full kit costs $10,950, or you opt to have it installed by the guys at Hennessey themselves, for $14,995, which also includes a one-year warranty. In case you’re still not convinced, hit the jump to a video of the Hennessey VelociRaptor 500.

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In an effort to save face and to get the public to calm down about the huge sticking accelerator pedal recall, Toyota has issued a few weeks ago, the Japanese company, through its USA president and COO, Jim Lentz, revealed just how the sticking pedal is fixed.

The solution was revealed a last week, but now a trained mechanic is being filmed while the fix is being implemented in the accelerator pedal assembly. The job looks pretty straightforward but you still should see your local dealership as soon as possible to get your unintended acceleration or, according to the newest Toyota recall, braking problems fixed as soon as possible.

The company also revealed a new ad, entitled Commitment, in which it reveals to the public that things will return to normal soon, and that the quality of the vehicles will be as high as possible.

You can check out the pedal fix video on Toyota’s YouTube page, as the company, in a pretty stupid move, prevented it from being embedded on other sites, while you can hit the jump to see the Commitment ad.

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Hoons, sadly, are all around us. Young people, or not, they think they can do anything behind the wheel just as good as professional drivers or stunt men, and usually end up just embarrassing themselves.

This guy thought burnouts can easily be achieved just by pressing the gas real hard and trying to mess with the handbrake on his “tuned” Dodge Neon, from what we can tell. What resulted is a failure of epic proportions.

Hit the jump and see how burnouts are done by this “professional”.

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Ford presented yesterday the 2011 Shelby GT500 model, based on its popular Mustang muscle car. With a new and improved 5.4-liter supercharged V8, complete with an enlarged exhaust system, you can be sure that this all-aluminum unit will produce a great sound.

Now, the company presented two new videos, one showcasing the regular Shelby GT500 coupe and the other focusing on the convertible model. Sit back, relax, crank up your speakers and hit the jump to indulge yourself in some muscle car pleasure.

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The Cadillac CTS-V is one superb model, offering great performance and wrapping it in one aggressive all-American package. But while its 556 HP extracted from the supercharged 6.2-liter LSA V8 is plenty of power for the average consumer, the tuners at Hennessey still saw enough room for improvement.

As such, the company released the V700 upgrade package, which, as you might have guessed, takes the output of the engine to over 700 HP. This massive increase is due to a new cold air intake system, a smaller supercharger pulley, updated ECU, longer tube headers, a three-inch exhaust system complete with high-flow cats and an upgraded intercooler, among other things.

All these changes take the CTS-V’s output to a whopping 707 HP, with 701 lb-ft of torque. The 0 to 62 mph time is now rated at 3.3 seconds, while the top speed is 211 mph. Just to give us a treat of that power, Heneessey also took the car out for some drag racing, and caught it on film. Hit the jump to see a video of the tuned Cadillac CTS-v run the quarter-mile in 11.14 seconds.

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The Dodge Charger is one impressive American muscle car, but with some major modifications from the tuners at SpeedFactory, the model went from potent sportscar to track-ready rocket.

The company’s engineers took a standard 2006 Dodge Charger and threw in just a “few” things, like a GEN III Hemi connected to a Vortech supercharger, good for around 900 HP, changed up the suspension and shock absorber setup and added 1,000 HP half-shafts. These modifications, together with the factory transmission and independent rear suspension, translate into a very fast car.

But how fast? Well SpeedFactory took it out on the drag track and the result of a quarter-mile run was a stunning 9.453 seconds, which is actually a record for the Chrysler LX/LC platform, on which the Charger is based on.

Hit the jump to see the quarter mile run of the SpeedFactory 426 Dodge Charger.

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We’ve seen plenty of road safety ads and commercials over the years, but few have really awakened such a vivid feeling like this new one from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, which takes a pretty simple approach to the whole issue of buckling up before you start the car.

The whole slow motion aspect and the delicate music all paint a clear picture: wearing your seatbelt is a simple task which can save your life.

Hit the jump to see this great ad.

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Last weekend BMW saw fit to present the 2011 X5, the mid-cycle facelift for the popular SUV. The car is set to be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and at the New York Auto Show in April.

Before then, if our photo gallery or before and after photo comparison between the pre-facelift and the facelifted 2011 BMW X5 hasn’t satisfied your appetite for the Bavarian SUV, you’ll be happy to hear that we have five new videos, showcasing the new car in the snow.

These vids cover everything from snow driving to the careful examination of the new interior, so hit the jump and enjoy them.

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Citroen has had a fantastic run in the World Rally Championship in the last few years, first with the Xsara Picasso and now with the stunning C4 WRC which is proving to be an enduring rally car. But even though it has proven itself time and time again, the 2010 season will be the last in which the model will serve Sebastien Loeb and his teammates.

Next year, Citroen will introduce the smaller DS3 WRC model, in an effort to change things up and to promote the brand new car, in which it has placed high hopes for the regular market. As is natural, the French company has already begun seriously testing the DS3 race car, in order to ensure peak performance for its rally team.

Now, this new video popped up, showing the Citroen DS3 WRC undergo some tough testing stages. For any rally fan, this footage will be a real treat. Hit the jump to see how the smaller race car performs and then share your thoughts about the switch the French company will make next year.

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As we all know, yesterday the Super Bowl was held, and with the great football match came some great and very expensive ads.

One of them was dedicated to the Audi A3 TDI model, which was awarded at the LA Auto Show, at the end of the year, the 2010 Green Car of the Year.

In order to promote such a car, Audi brings forth a very sensitive issue: a special type of police enforcing “green” living and eco-friendly attitudes, even though they might be pushing it quite a few times.

Hit the jump to watch the ad and then share your thoughts below.

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Another carmaker which bought ad space during last night’s Super Bowl was Kia, which opted to showcase its 2011 Sorento, which is completely made in the USA.

In order to do such a thing, the ad blends in a rather interesting way last summer’s “The Hangover” movie with an old marketing campaign aired for the Opel Corsa a few years ago (the one with the puppets and the “C’mon” tagline).

The result? Five toys having some fun in Vegas, thanks to the all-new Sorento. Hit the jump to watch the ad.

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The Super Bowl took place yesterday, but besides seeing a great game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, we were also treated to quite a few great ads.

This one, dedicated to the Dodge Charger and titled: Man’s Last Stand, is a very interesting one, showing that even though men aren’t what they used to be (something along the lines of Neanderthals, at least according to Dodge), they can still escape thanks to the Dodge Charger.

Hit the jump to see this ad, narrated by Michael C. Hall from the Dexter TV series on Showtime.

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As most of you know, yesterday took place one of the biggest sporting events in the US, the Super Bowl, where millions of viewers tuned in to see the New Orleans Saints face off against the Indianapolis Colts.

But many of you also tuned in to see the great ads which are usually aired, for high sums of money, during the breaks in the game. We’ve rounded up almost all of the car-related ones, and we’ll be posting them over the day.

First off, let’s start with the Bridgestone ad, entitled Your Tires of Your Life, and, from what we can see, aims at revealing to anyone just how important these tires are. The punchline is a bit weird, and, at least for us, sparked just an awkward smile. Hit the jump and then share your thoughts about this ad.

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