Video: 2011 Saab 9-5 gets showcased with handling test –

Without a doubt one of the biggest roles in Saab‘s resurrection is reserved for the new 2011 9-5 sedan.

We’ve already heard quite a lot of details and, from all the photos released up until now, we really like what the Swedish brand has done in terms of design.

Now, in order to showcase how the new 2011 9-5 handles, Saab has released a fresh video. In it, Stefan Rundquist, the performance integration manager of vehicle dynamics (now that’s a job title), takes the 9-5 through a handling circuit, including the moose test.

While no drifting or extreme driving is present, the video is still worth a view, in order to admire the design of the new 9-5. So, hit the jump and check it out.

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