Video: Allstate charts America’s safest driving cities –

Insurance company Allstate has charted the safest driving cities in the USA by studying the number of insurance claims and recorded accidents from the last 12 months.

This data was compiled, and it resulted that Fort Collins, Colorado, is this year’s safest city to drive in. According to the data, drivers in that city will get into an accident every 14.5 years, which is 31.2 percent better than the national average.

The last spot is occupied by Washington D.C. Inhabitants of the country’s capital city are subject to an accident every 5.1 years. One spot above is Baltimore, Maryland, where inhabitants filed for insurance claims every 5.6 years.

Hit the jump to see a video from Allstate with the results and a few tips for safer driving. Check out the complete results at Allstate’s website

Source: Allstate via Autoblog

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