Video: Audi promotes the A1 with Justin Timberlake in new short film series –

Many months ago, when Audi announced that it is partnering up with popstar Justin Timberlake to promote the A1 city car, we figured he’ll take some publicity snapshots or just say a few words at the Geneva premiere of the car.

But Audi isn’t letting him off the hook that easily, and has just revealed a trailer for a new “next big thing” short film series, where Timberlake will co-star alongside the beautiful Dania Ramirez (pictured above). In it, they will use the A1 to escape bad guys, gun chases and anything else a B movie plot can throw at them. Also, it seems there’s a Fight Club-inspired scene there.

Hit the jump to see the trailer for this new series that will premiere next month.

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