Video: Bridgestone Super Bowl 2010 ad is … interesting |

As most of you know, yesterday took place one of the biggest sporting events in the US, the Super Bowl, where millions of viewers tuned in to see the New Orleans Saints face off against the Indianapolis Colts.

But many of you also tuned in to see the great ads which are usually aired, for high sums of money, during the breaks in the game. We’ve rounded up almost all of the car-related ones, and we’ll be posting them over the day.

First off, let’s start with the Bridgestone ad, entitled Your Tires of Your Life, and, from what we can see, aims at revealing to anyone just how important these tires are. The punchline is a bit weird, and, at least for us, sparked just an awkward smile. Hit the jump and then share your thoughts about this ad.

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