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Washing a car, in the minds of most drivers, is one of the most trivial things you can do. That’s why many just limit themselves to doing it at home, thus saving the money they would spend at a regular car wash.

When you own a supercar though, things change a bit. That’s why a young entrepreneur from the UK decided to open up one of the country’s most expensive car wash and detailing services.

While it isn’t exclusive to supercars, the price for the complete treatment, £7,200 (nearly $11,000) makes sure that only the richest customers visit his dedicated shop.

What does he do to charge such a huge amount of money? He uses various types of washing fluids, taking both the exterior and interior through several cycles of cleansing. Afterwards, special waxes are used to guarantee a smooth finish. In some cases, he even uses a microscope to detect imperfections in the car’s paint. The whole process takes upward to 250 hours.

Don’t believe us? Hit the jump and see a video interview of the young entrepreneur while he takes care of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Source: SWNS via Automarket

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