Video: Chevrolet Volt tests out its “chirping” pedestrian friendly alert with blind people |

With hybrid and electric cars becoming more and more popular, things are going to become a bit more dangerous for pedestrians and bicycle riders, at least according to some studies, as they won’t be able to notice these very silent vehicles until it is too late.

But that’s in terms of normal pedestrians, what about the visually-impaired which can rely only on the sound cars make? Well in order to test out its new pedestrian proximity alert system, which distorts the horn of the car in order to make a chirping noise and let everyone around the car know it’s there, the engineers of the Chevrolet Volt asked the National Federation of the Blind to help.

They all went to the Milford Proving Grounds, where the visually-impaired had a chance to hear and have their word on the new alert system. You can check out the whole experiment in a special video available after the jump.

Source: Chevrolet Voltage via Autoblog

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