Video: Crash between BMW driver and Safety Car at this weekend’s WTCC race in Pau |

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a race car crashing into the Safety Car. I mean, these cars look so innocent that you’d never figure how and why someone would have anything against them. The incident I’m talking about happened this weekend at the Race 2 of the WTCC stage in Pau, France and what happened was that independent driver Franz Engstler, who was leading the race, didn’t see the safety car coming on the track and smashed into it, causing significant damage to both cars.

However, after the official investigation, it was determined that the safety car drivers, Philippe Cholet and Jean-Pierre Colas, “were not given the go and left the pit lane on their own, steering in the middle of the track instead of using the acceleration lane. The data logged by the ECU of Engstler’s BMW showed that he actually slowed down and braked as he saw the yellow flags and SC boards on the main straight.”

See the video of the crash after the jump.

[Via BMW Blog]

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