Video: Driver fail shows Renault models also suffer from unintended acceleration |

The dreaded unintended acceleration problem has been plaguing the media in the last few months, largely because of Toyota’s major recalls due to various parts failing and resulting in out of control vehicles.

But this new video shows Japanese models aren’t the only ones suffering from such problems. In it, a last generation Renault Laguna is going through a series of “unintended acceleration” incidents.

From the erratic behavior though, we can clearly figure out that no floor mat or sticky pedal is to blame. Also, we have to feel bad for the guy on that mobile stair, he totally didn’t deserve it. Don’t forget to watch it until the end, as the wiper is the real cherry on top.

Hit the jump to see this new episode of unintended acceleration (or as we say, driver fail) in a Renault Laguna.

Source: Epic Fail

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