Video: Exotic car dealer busted for doing 150 mph speed runs and posting them on YouTube |

In case you’re an exotic car dealer which sells models from Ferrari or Lamborghini and gets to handle them everyday, you should thank your lucky stars. But two guys from a St. Louis dealership tried to push their luck, and began taking the fast supercars on speed runs.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they choose to do those speed runs on a public road and in the slow lane, just to have some fun. They also though it might be a good idea to film those runs and post them on YouTube, so people all around the world could see them.

But among all those people were folks from their local police department, which according to Fox News 2 which reported on the story, immediately took the dealer into custody, charging him with reckless driving, among other things.

According to the guy’s boss, Jim Mills, he was quickly reprimanded, even though Mills says he knew about the videos he was uploading onto YouTube for some time. It does sound a bit fishy, but at least the guy caught doing 150 mph will get what he deserves for his actions. Hit the jump to see the complete news story from Fox.


Source: Fox2 via Autoblog

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