Video: Ferrari 599XX laps the Nurburgring in a record-breaking run |

Carmakers always want to one-up the competition and prove that their product is superior. In terms of supercar manufacturers, this instinct is even more aggressive, and doesn’t limit itself to the amount of HP, torque or 0 to 62 mph times.

For some time now, supercars have waged war on the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, where many manufacturers choose to test out their prototypes. Seeing as how the models were pushed to their limits, some started flaunting their times in the media, as a sort of ultimate divider between sportscars.

Now, Ferrari has shut everyone up, as it has just posted a record-breaking time with its 599XX track car. The model, driven by test pilot Raffaele De Simone managed what many believed the impossible, lapping the 20.8 km (12.9 mile) circuit in just 6 minutes and 58 seconds.

Don’t believe us? Then hit the jump and check out the video below, with the Ferrari’s record breaking Nurburgring run.

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