Video: Ferrari F430 Spyder falls off truck at dealership |

You’d think that problems for powerful sportscars begin when the owner takes control of the vehicle and starts pushing it until he gets into a crash.

That’s what usually happens when we report exotic accidents, but this time, a Ferrari F430 Spyder didn’t even reach the dealership from which it should have been sold, and it was already damaged, after falling of the top level of the transport truck.

Details are sketchy, but you can guess that the guy responsible of taking it off the truck is in a lot of trouble. What’s worse is that the Fox News helicopter was around the area and got to film the aftermath of the crash. The only thing funny about this crash is that the windshield wipers were, for some reason, turned on the whole time.

Hit the jump to see a video of this crashed Ferrari F430 Spyder.

Source: Fox News Boston via Jalopnik

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