Video: Fiat 500 Prima Edizione revealed for North American Fiat fans |

Fiat is busy preparing for its comeback on the North American market, seeing as how it now controls reputed US carmaker Chrysler. The first model to hit US shores is the diminutive Fiat 500 city car, which will be built at Chrysler’s Mexico plant in the following months.

As a special treat for its North American fans, Fiat has now revealed the 500 ‘Prima Edizione’ (First Edition) at the yearly Club Fiat-Lancia Unlimited gathering. At that event, existing Fiat fans were able to pre-order the Prima Edizione before everyone else.

Only 500 cars will be made, each equipped with Fiat’s new 1.4-liter MultiAir engine, and decorated with special badges and a unique plate on the inside. For those that didn’t get a chance to attend the event, Fiat will be opening up pre-orders in the following weeks for the 500 Prima Edizione.

Until then, hit the jump to see the video of the special Fiat 500 and its debut among North American Fiat fans.

Source: Fiat

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