Video: Ford Fiesta takes on Lamborghini Gallardo |

Ford is definitely pulling out all the stops to promote its Fiesta model ahead of its US launch this summer. We’ve seen marketing on Twitter, Facebook and all over the TV.

Now, the company is sharing a few YouTube videos of ‘practical’ tests involving the Fiesta. The newest one involves the tiny compact hatchback taking on a another car.

What car might that be? It’s ‘nearest’ rival, the Lamborghini Gallardo. No, we’re not kidding, the Blue Oval took its petite hatchback and challenged the V10-powered Lambo in a series of tests.

While the drag race was won by the Gallardo, the other tests weren’t that easy. Hit the jump and check out the video of the Ford Fiesta versus the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Source: GTSpirit

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