Video: GM showcases next generation full-windshield Heads Up Display |

General Motors, besides trying to make a profit and save face after the embarrassing 2009, is diligently working on new technologies to improve safety and help the driver perform better in tough conditions.

One such tech is the Heads Up Display (HUD) system, which has already been implemented by other companies, like BMW, in order to display accurate informations about speed or other things, right on the windshield, so that the driver doesn’t take his eyes off the road.

GM wants to take things one step further, and has just presented what it believes is the next generation of HUD systems. Instead of projecting information onto a small bit of the windshield, the new technology uses sensors in the whole screen to augment the reality perceived by the driver.

Sounds complicated? Think of driving in foggy conditions. Wouldn’t it be better if the margins of the road were highlighted? Or during the night, when this HUD tech would work together with the night vision one, and single out pedestrians and road signs, without you having to check the LCD screen in the center console.

Sadly, while this sounds extremely good, GM says that the technology still has a long way to go before it is feasible in terms of price and reliability. An optimistic view places it in high end cars around 2016, but it’s a bit of wishful thinking.

If you want to check out GM’s new Heads Up Display (HUD) technology, hit the jump to see a video of it in action.

Source: Autoblog

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