Video: Lamborghini Gallardo crashes and burns in Super Trofeo race –

Lamborghini initially started its Gallardo Super Trofeo racing series to hype up even more its entry-level supercar.

Sadly, it seems that the Brno race, counting for stage four of the one-make series, got a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons.

Italian driver Giorgio Bartocci went on the gravel for an unknown reason and when he re-entered the actual track, he lost control of the powerful Lamborghini Gallardo race car. The vehicle slammed into the pit wall at high speed and promptly burst into flames right on the track.

While the crash is downright terrifying, the reaction of the fire crew is a bit puzzling to say the least. The safety crew struggled to control the fire with small extinguishers and didn’t really attempt to save Bartocci from the blaze immediately.

Thankfully, the Italian driver is being taken care of at the hospital. He sustained some major injuries but doctors are confident he will be able to make it through the recovery process.

Hit the jump to watch a special report from a Czech TV station about the incident.

Source: AxisofOversteer (Thanks for the tip, Gideon!)

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