Video: Lexus GX460 deemed dangerous to drive by media, Toyota stops sale |

Toyota is on an unfortunate roll these days with bad press, as Consumer Reports, in its yearly car tests, has found the 2010 Lexus GX460 to be extremely dangerous to drive, and placed it in its infamous “Do Not Buy” list.

It seems that the big luxury SUV has a few faults with its traction control system, or in simpler terms, is too tail-happy, causing the rear of the vehicle to slide outwards at greater speeds, as if it were drifting. Because its Toyota-badged brother, the 4Runner, had no problems with the same test, Consumer Reports indicate that either the luxury model has an issue with the traction control or because too many premium features were added, the increased weight simply overcomes the power of the system.

Toyota has immediately taken action, in an effort to save its premium SUV, and has stopped the sale of all Lexus GX460 models in the USA. It will work together with Consumer Reports and try to find a solution to the tail happy SUV. If you already own a 2010 GX460, you can take it to your local dealership where a loaner car will be supplied until a solution is found.

Hit the jump to see just a video from CR showing the test and what went wrong with the tail happy 2010 Lexus GX460.

Source: Automotive News

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