Video: Lexus LFA supercar shatters glass with exhaust sound, too bad it's all sold out |

The Lexus LFA supercar burst onto the scene late last year, with its 552 HP V10 engine and its $375,000 asking price.

Now, the Japanese luxury carmaker decided to showcase the LFA’s power through a more different type of ad than the previous one. As such, it has hired a special physicist to figure out what type of glass would shatter from the exhaust note of the LFA.

The company then put a champagne glass from that material in the same room as the LFA. The result? It was pretty … shattering (pardon the pun).

Still, don’t get to excited about zipping around Monte Carlo and breaking store displays with the LFA, as the car is already all sold old. According to Automotive News, all 500 LFA models have been reserved by many people with deep pockets.

That shouldn’t stop you from hitting the jump and checking out the video of the Lexus LFA shattering a champagne glass, so get to it.

Source: Automotive News

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