Video: Nissan GT-R by HKS |

Posted on 8-09-2008 by Andrey

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Well one thing’s for sure, the guys at HKS sure don’t waste time, after developing their own custom Hyundai Genesis Coupe, they started messing around with Nissan’s beast, the GT-R. Looks weren’t the main thing they had in mind, only developing a turbo enhacement kit, dubbed the R35 GT570 Racing Package.

This kit tries to reduce the exhaust resistance that the air encounters after leaving the engine, with the help of reinforced wastegate actuators, an improved boost controller, an alluminiun intercooler pipe kit and, the interesting bit, a front mounted exhaust pipe without any catalytic converters, so it’s not exactely road legal. But the result is quite amazing, the sound it generates is fantastic, check it out.

Source: WorldCarFans