Video: President Obama checks out and recommends the Chevrolet Volt |

Hot off two major news about the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle, that it will not be rated at 230 mpg and that it will have an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty for its battery pack, GM has now revealed another story about its upcoming model.

It seems that none other than the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, visited the Compact Power battery plant in Holland, Michigan, where the Volt’s batteries are being made.

At the plant, Obama didn’t miss the chance to hop into a Chevrolet Volt, which was on display. He checked it out for a bit, and then recommended it to the rest of the press.

It seems that he forgot about the Chevrolet Cruze, though.

Still, GM’s very excited about this push from Obama and has even revealed a video of the president’s interaction with the Volt. Check it out after the jump.

Source: Chevrolet

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