Video: Range Rover Evoque to parade through cities in camouflage

Land Rover will begin a new stage for its Range Rover division with the future launch of the new Evoque model.

As such, it knows that a different type of marketing is required, in order to really attract the rich urban inhabitants it is targeting.

In order to combine both this and the real-life city testing that needs to be done by the Evoque, the British SUV manufacturer has announced that a fleet of 10 Evoque prototypes will parade through the streets of famous cities all around the world.

Better yet, these prototypes will use a certain kind of camouflage. No, not the groovy funkadelic one from the Mini Countryman, but the actual maps of the cities through which they will be driven. As such, each car will have its own specific ‘livery’, if you can call it that way, as well as a ‘Hello’ message, written in the language of that specific country.

If you live in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Milan, Madrid, London, Berlin or Moscow, then keep an eye out in the following months to see these new Range Rover Evoque models.

If not, then you can hit the jump and check them out in a special video.

Source: Land Rover

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