Video: See McLaren's Lewis Hamilton incident with Australian police |

The Formula 1 Australian GP in Melbourne wasn’t the only major news involving F1 drivers, as McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton held front page news after he was caught by Australian police after drifting and doing burnouts with his Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

Under the anti-hoon law in the country, his car was impounded for two days and an inquiry has been started. No other details were known up until yesterday, due to the Australian GP taking place. Now, some footage from a freelance camera man appeared on the YouTube account of ABC News, showing Hamilton interacting with the Aussie police.

Even though McLaren officials were trying to mask his identity, as you can see above, shots of Hamilton sitting in his Mercedes-Benz were captured. Soon after things calmed down, and the officers were preparing to tow the C63 AMG, another car, driven by a cop, arrived. Hamilton was then rushed, spy-style, from the C63 to the new vehicle (probably a Holden).

Check out the whole video of Lewis Hamilton interacting with the Australian police after the jump.

Source: ABC News via Autoblog

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