Video: Suzuki R3 Concept MPV makes its debut in New Delhi |

After a few compact cars, like the Toyota Etios and the Honda New Small Concept, the New Delhi Auto Expo also hosted the launch of a new concept, this time an MPV from the current leader of the Indian auto market, Maruti Suzuki, a subsidiary of the Japanese company, entitled the R3.

Don’t let its looks fool you, as this Indian-designed concept was envisioned as a people carrier, with room for six people, and foldable seats which can open up a fair amount of room inside. It’s clear that this model was envisioned as a Jack of all trades concept, but what isn’t so concrete is the engine which will be available, as anything from Suzuki’s own 1.2 or 1.4-liter gasoline units to a Fiat-sourced 1.3-liter diesel have been rumored to power it.

What’s established is that the concept will enter the Indian market around 2012, and, if the international reaction is good, might even reach, in one form or another, Western markets. Hit the jump to watch the launch of the model, and then share your thoughts about it.

Source: Suzuki

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