Video: Tuned 1997 Volkswagen Golf GTI packs 800 HP, reaches 208 mph –

Remember that crazy-tuned 1,032 HP Volkswagen Polo drag racer? Well it seems that sparked a new trend of taking older VWs and tuning the heck out of them to produce new levels of performance.

One such example is a 1997 Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk 3), which now has a VR6 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, capable of a dizzying 800 HP.

In order to see what the new engine can do in the tiny hatchback, Dubsquared and T1 Race Development handed it over to driver Jeremy Freedman, which took it to the Texas Mile event. The result was a staggering top speed of 208.1 mph or 333 km/h.

Hit the jump to see the speed run, plus a pretty interesting way of getting yourself ready before such an event.

Source: Eurotuner via Automarket

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