Video: Volvo S60 safety demonstration goes wrong |

The new Volvo S60 is being hyped up pretty hard by the Swedish company not just for its new safety systems but also for its improved performance, through the Naughty Volvos campaign.

But seeing as how the Scandinavian carmaker is famous for its leading safety technology, people still expect the 2011 S60 to provide the best protection money can buy.

As such, the company organized a little demonstration for the collision warning system. Those not familiar with the technology should know that if the car detects you’re going to crash, it will alert you and, if you don’t respond, it’s going to brake the car for you.

As such, the company sent a new S60 towards a parked truck at 30 mph. What should have been a safety demonstration quickly went awfully wrong for the Swedish company, as the new sedan crashed into the back of the truck.

The company said that it was human error, as the vehicle wasn’t fully prepared for the test, but the video of the crash is still pretty intense. Thankfully, as you can see, the passenger compartment isn’t even scratched after the crash.

Hit the jump to see this failed Volvo S60 safety demonstration.

Source: Wired via Autoblog