Viper alarm maker creates iPhone app which starts your engine |

Posted on 15-10-2009 by Andrey

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Car companies are getting with the times, and right after Mercedes-Benz announced that it has launched an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch through which customers can pay their lease fees, car alarm company Viper has also revealed that it launched a new app for the Apple devices which can start your engine no matter where you are.

The new technology has two parts: the first is the iPhone app which can be downloaded and used for free in the first year but starting with the second will cost $30, and the SmartStart module for the car. In case you already have a Viper alarm, you only need the module which costs a hefty $300, and in case you don’t have an alarm, you’ll have to pay $500.

This new app will broadcast your signal to the SmartStart module through either the AT&T network or the WiFi connection, in case of the iPhone and iPod Touch respectively. Enjoy the video below which shows you just how it all works.

Source: TheCollegeDriver