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2010 Dodge Viper Final Edition

The Dodge Viper is probably one of the coolest cars in the world with great muscle lines that emphasize the car’s raw power. Design-wise, things could change for the next generation of the Viper as Ralph Gilles, who is Chrysler’s and Dodge’s head of design said that the new look of the Snake will be inspired by “a naked woman on the beach”.

This rather surprising announcement was made while Gilles was speaking to a couple of reporters at the Automotive News World Conference and although this was the most important thing that he said, he also said that the upcoming generation of the Dodge Viper will be targeted to steal away buyers from both the Chevrolet Corvette and the Porsche brand.

The next generation of the Viper will be launched in 2013 which should give Dodge engineers plenty of time to come up with a great car, but they have to deliver something great as we are certain that both Chevrolet and Porsche are working on something just as good to match the new Viper.

Regardless to say, in the next couple of years we will have some fierce competition in the sports car segment, taking into consideration the fact that there are many automakers out there that in the last few years have delivered some great cars.

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Car companies are getting with the times, and right after Mercedes-Benz announced that it has launched an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch through which customers can pay their lease fees, car alarm company Viper has also revealed that it launched a new app for the Apple devices which can start your engine no matter where you are.

The new technology has two parts: the first is the iPhone app which can be downloaded and used for free in the first year but starting with the second will cost $30, and the SmartStart module for the car. In case you already have a Viper alarm, you only need the module which costs a hefty $300, and in case you don’t have an alarm, you’ll have to pay $500.

This new app will broadcast your signal to the SmartStart module through either the AT&T network or the WiFi connection, in case of the iPhone and iPod Touch respectively. Enjoy the video below which shows you just how it all works.


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Chrysler’s Viper business isn’t among the assets to be sold to the new company, led by Fiat, so the Detroit company is desperately trying to get rid of Viper, but it looks like no one wants to buy it, though initially there were rumors of a few potential buyers for the brand. Viper has been for sale since August but nobody wants it, which is kind of suprising, considering what an iconic brand Viper is. However, it seems that business is business and nobody wants to risk losing a lot of money, more exactly $10 million, because that’s how much Chrysler wants for the plant that makes Vipers.

“There is the objector’s mistaken notion that it would be a simple matter for us to sell off select product lines, such as Jeep, that might allow a recovery above $2 billion,” Chrysler’s CEO Bob Nardelli said. “The market for such assets is extremely depressed at this time.”

Still, according to a bankcruptcy filing, Chrysler did receive a $5.5 million offer to buy the Viper business and lease the Detroit plant for a year from Devon Motor Works and Chrysler is currently trying to check if they have access to financing for the project. According to another bankruptcy filing, the business generated earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization of $16 million in 2008.


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Some time ago we informed you that Chrysler has put up for sale its sport brand, the Viper. Thought the Dodge Viper sales are not doing very well, Chrysler president Jim Press announced that there are already several companies that showed their interest in buying the sports brand. Though Middle Eastern or Indian companies showed their interest in the Viper, we know for sure that among the potential buyers are US companies Roush and Saleen. The latter is already involved in the Viper business, being the company that handles the cars’ paint.

In order to seal a deal for Viper, Chrysler hired financial advisor Lazard Limited to handle logistics, and it hopes to get between $50 million and $150 million for the brand. However, though he didn’t clearly stated it, Press also implied that Chrysler is also considering on dropping the Viper altogether if it believes the car is taking too much attention and resources away from core products.

Of course, we don’t have to say that the dissapearance of the Viper brand would be such a shame and we’re sure every car lover out there would feel bad about it. But let’s hope that everything works out and the Viper will live happily ever after.


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Two of the most powerful cars, the Dodge Viper ACR and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, that have lapped the famous Nurburgring in Germany with incredible times, are present in this video, that portrays their performances side by side. Enjoy!

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Some car brands have a great heritage and people would definitely buy them just for that history and background of the brand. Ford has it through the Mustang, GM through the Chevy Corvette, and Chrysler had it through the Dodge Viper. Had it, because the CEO of the american group, Bob Nardelli, announced that the brand is up for sale.

Sure the financial crisis in the US is pretty severe, but selling one of your best brands is quite an extreme measure. He also said that “We have been approached by third parties who are interested in exploring future possibilities for Viper. As the Company evaluates strategic options to maximize core operations and leverage its assets, we have agreed to listen to these parties. We will do so keeping in mind the best interests of those who have shown tremendous support for the vehicle – including employees, suppliers, dealers and a worldwide group of loyal Viper owners and enthusiasts“.

Keep in mind, one of the modern icons in the US is going on sale, one that has made history and even had it’s own TV show, not quite a lot of cars can brag about that. If it will be sold, it’s definitely going to have an expensive price, Chrysler offering all the tehnological aspects for the continuing mass production of the car.


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Chrysler announced that the 25,000th Dodge Viper was produced, at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan. The milestone vehicle was a 2008 Viper SRT10 and Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli handled the car to the lucky owner, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, who said: “To be an active part in celebrating the 25,000th Dodge Viper to roll off the assembly line is an extraordinary honor and one I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

The Dodge Viper concept was first introduced at the 1989 Detroit NAIAS and the first car was produced in 1992. Check out more photos of the 25,000th Dodge Viper and a video from the ceremony after the jump.


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At the upcoming LA Auto Show, Dodge will present the amazing Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR. What’s so amazing about this car? Well, the car is powered by the same 600 Hp V10 engine from the standard Viper, but ACR (Amercian Club Racer) tuned this car for the racetrack while still keeping it street-legal.

More exactly, ACR equipped the Viper with an adjustable KW Suspensions race coilovers, a new front stabilizer bar along with an aero kit that includes a removable 3-inch front splitter and a massive carbon fiber adjustable rear wing that can be set to seven different positions. The coupe is also a lot lighter, engineers managing that with the lightweight wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires and two-piece Stoptech brakes, which makes the car 40 pounds lighter. Customers can also choose the “Hard-Core” package, which also removes the audio system, the underhood sound deadening material, the trunk carpet, and the tire inflator and which saves another 40 pounds.

The Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR is scheduled to go on sale during the second quarter of 2008, in the US and no exact price, however we know it will be under $100,000. More photos after the jump.

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