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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! When you first hear about a 480 HP hybrid, you think it’s just a joke. That’s because the general opinion regarding hybrids is some sort of slow, frugal machines that save the planet one polar bear or baby seal at a time. Well, BMW thought otherwise, and decided… …citeste tot articolul

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about new, premium city cars getting ready for launch, like the Audi A1 or Citroen DS3, all targeting the Mini Cooper S. While Vlad already had a chance to test drive the convertible version last summer, I was still a Mini ‘virgin’ (so to speak). So, after being fed up with Vlad’s constant praise for the British… …citeste tot articolul

After we tested the new C3, we got our hands on its funkier brother, the Citroen C3 Picasso, which we tried on a beautiful weekend. The first time I saw the car was a year and a half ago, at the Paris Motor Show. That’s also the spot where one of its rivals, the Kia Soul, made its debut. The two cars didn’t really blow me away as I wasn’t… …citeste tot articolul

A week after we tested the Panzer tank which was the BMW 5 Series GT, we had the opportunity to try out a totally different type of model, the new Citroen C3. If the previous generation wasn’t really my cup of tea, the new one seems pretty chic, at least at first glance. But let’s see how it all went: Exterior The first impression I got… …citeste tot articolul

When BMW first announced its newest “experiment”, the 5 Series GT (or how they like to call it Grand Turismo), I was among the many who were shocked by its ugliness. Still, considering the fact that I also said that about the X6, who managed to find a place in my heart after I drove it, I was keen to drive the 5 GT and see what’s… …citeste tot articolul

During the winter holiday season, red is all around, so we’d thought we’d go along with the trend and test out the new Citroen C4 by Loeb this winter, which sports a Santa-style red paint. Well, the paint had nothing to do with our choice, but it was a nice touch. As a general impression, the Citroen C4 Coupe was always a car which I considered… …citeste tot articolul

The BMW 1 Series isn’t really the most popular model for the Bavarian manufacturer, as most people tend to go that extra mile and just buy a 3 Series to get a bigger boot, more space, and bigger engines range. Before I drove the 116d, I used to agree with them, but for someone who doesn’t need a sedan, the 1 Series is perfect and can more than… …citeste tot articolul

BMW 740d With the new generation launched last year, the BMW 7 Series represents the flagship of the Bavarian carmaker and, although we’ve tested the 750i at the beginning of summer, we were very curious to see how a diesel engine would do under the bonnet of the German limousine. And not just any diesel, but the most powerful in the entire BMW… …citeste tot articolul

After lots of models that have basically created new niches, BMW is now giving it a shot with a new model, the X1, and last week I had the opportunity to play with the most recent Bavarian toy. In theory, the new X1 is a compact SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle); although in practice, you don’t really know what to think about it…is it a crossover?…a… …citeste tot articolul

It’s been some time since I left the MINI Cooper S Cabrio back with the BMW guys and I still have a big, stupid smile on my face every time I think about it. Why? Because, without doubt, it was the most fun car I drove since I started Auto Unleashed/Rpmgo. So, let’s see why I was so thrilled about it: …citeste tot articolul  Read More →