Volkswagen and Stanford work together to get robotic Audi TT-S up Pikes Peak rally course, video included |

In case you haven’t heard, Volkswagen is deeply committed to automotive innovation, as it has just funded its Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab on the campus of the prestigious Stanford University over $5 million.

Up until now though, the innovations have been tested through government-sponsored competitions like the DARPA Grand Challenge. But now, the team at the research lab has its sights set on something much bigger, as it plans to run its driver-less Audi TT-S up the Pikes Peak rally course, just like a normal rally pilot would do it, with powerslides and drifts.

In order to get the attention of people, the team has already released a video in which it reveals that tests it did with the special Audi at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and a bit of history of the famous Audi Quattro going round the Pikes Peak rally course in the early 1980s, counting for the famous Group B rally stages.

Hit the jump to see this video which is guaranteed to get you excited about this challenging project. Let’s hope the team can do it, and we will see driver-less rallies in the future.

Source: Autoblog

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