Volkswagen and Suzuki to begin collaboration in January, low-cost small car to be first project –

We reported a few weeks ago that Volkswagen and Suzuki have officially agreed to partner up, with the German company buying up 19.9% of Suzuki stock, and the Japanese company using a part of that money to buy stock in the German company.

During a recent event, the Japanese CEO Osama Suzuki has revealed that collaboration between the two carmakers will start as soon as January, after the first plans are drafted. Rumors are already flying around, many revealing that the first joint project will be a low-cost small car, presumably for developing markets, which will cost around $4,700.

After the plans are drafted, with key insight from Suzuki’s small car department which has been quite successful, the manufacturing will be sourced to one of the company’s Indian plants, in order to further decrease the price.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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