Volkswagen CC Wagon version rumored |

The Volkswagen CC (or Passat CC, as Europeans know it), is proving to be a pretty big sales hit for the German company. Through its combination of more upmarket accessories and a price without the added premium of brand recognition, like Audi or BMW, the CC is definitely a surprise hit.

That’s why Volkswagen executives are rumored to be considering a wagon version of the CC, in order to exploit a whole other niche.

Currently, it seems that the next generation Volkswagen Passat won’t be sold in the US. As such, VW leaders are considering a wagon versions of the CC, in order to fill the void left by the Passat’s departure.

While we’re not really holding our breath for this rumor, a utility-inclined five-door “coupe” does sound pretty tempting. What do you think? Would a wagon CC make any sense for the US market? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Autocar

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