Volkswagen might launch the Polo GTD, a performance diesel |

We’ve been hearing a lot of things about the recent Volkswagen Polo, from rumors that a GTI performance version will be launched to the possibility of either a four-door sedan or an estate version of the entry-level car from the German manufacturer.

Now, it seems that diesel fans have one more reason to be excited, as new rumors have surfaced regarding a high performance GTD version of the small Polo, which will use a diesel engine and produce around 170 HP. The rumored GTI version was scheduled to have a supercharged 1.4-liter engine which would develop around 200 HP.

“We wouldn’t rule it out,” an inside source revealed to Autocar. “It’s still early days for the new Polo. The diesel mix isn’t as strong in the supermini segment but should there be significant demand for it, we would consider it.”

While some of you might think this is an example of wild speculation, keep in mind that VW wants to make the small Polo as popular as their flagship Golf model, meaning that a if there will be requests from customers, then more types of bodies and versions will appear, including those aimed at performance enthusiasts.

All we can do though is wait and see just what the German automaker will unleash in the Polo family in the next few months.

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Source: Autocar

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