Volkswagen once again looking to purchase Malaysia’s Proton? –

Volkswagen is seemingly bent on purchasing almost every other small carmaker it can find, only to boost its ever-expanding portfolio.

After the recently announced partnership with Suzuki, the German carmaker is once again the target of new rumors, pointing to a possible acquisition of Malaysia’s Proton.

For those not familiar, the company is one of Malaysia’s biggest carmakers and owns British sportscar manufacturer Lotus. There were rumors between 2004 and 2007 about a possible collaboration between the two groups, but nothing really came out of those talks.

Now, it seems that VW and Proton might learn to play nice together, so that the German company can sell even more cars in the Asian territory and Proton may increase its exports and sales figures.

Do you think this partnership, if it will be made official, will prove successful for Volkswagen and Proton? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Canadian Business via Autoblog

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