Volkswagen Scirocco or the Return of the Affordable Sports Car |

After 15 years the Volkswagen Scirocco is back finally. However the recipe is the same: strip a Golf and put some sexy clothes on it. The Scirocco is a bit longer and wider and has a very muscular look to it, quite different from the peaceful looks of a standard Golf.

Under the bonnet, Volkswagen offers 2 gasoline engines, developing 197 bhp and 158 bhp, plus the omnipresent 138 bhp diesel. You can choose either a six speed manual gearbox, or the excellent DSG automated manual. And prices seem accesible. In Germany the Scirocco starts from 23,000 Euros.

The Scirocco seems to be what the more demanding Golf GTI owner should want. Especially if he has no children. The engines are the same as the GTI. The interior is the same, but it feels a bit more intimate. The seats are very good and the position is lower, giving it a more sports car feel.

The Volkswagen Scirocco seems more agile and balanced than the Golf, but the steering has less feel to it than in a Golf. Safety wise, it has six airbags and ESP standard for all versions. So we should be looking at a five star rating with Euro NCAP.

We can only salute the return of the Scirocco and hope to see it on the road as soon as possible.

Source: Channel 4

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