Volkswagen to form its R performance division –

Most carmakers limit themselves to making normal vehicles, with various engines and standard features. But some of them have special divisions which are tasked with transforming regular models into more powerful, more aggressive and more fun to drive cars.

As such, BMW has its M, Mercedes-Benz has AMG and even Audi has Quattro, but a new carmaker will officially form its own performance department soon, as a Volkswagen executive said that the R division will be announced soon, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Up until now, Volkswagen did release performance models under various badges, like the GTI or R, but it never had a formal section to upgrade current cars. The new R GmbH will handle every upgrade made in Volkswagen’s European lineup, and, according to some voices, might even reach North America with the Golf R next year, and with a possible R edition of the next generation Jetta.

Overall, the more performance models the better. Hopefully VW’s R will amaze us with new cars soon enough.

Source: InsideLine

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