Volkswagen to release Polo-based SUV |

Volkswagen has really decided to enter the trend of crossover launches, after the succesful launch of the Tiguan, which has enjoyed a very good welcome by buyers, VW has announced that by 2010, they will launch a crossover based on their small sized model, the Polo.

This will give BMW and Opel a run for their money, both having announced the launches of the X1 and Corsa-based crossover, by being outfitted with VW’s 4Motion tehnology, designed for 4×4 models but it will not go into the premium market, VW not wanting to hurt Audi’s sales of their future model, the A1. According to Walter da Silva, chief designer of VW, the future models will not try to bring something really innovative, but every model will enjoy a certain dose of character.

This model will almost certainly be powered by most of the TDI engines available, the 1,4 and 1,6 litre diesels, and for those who prefer regular petrol, the range of engines is consisted by the 1,4 TSI, the old 1,2 litre engine developing 70 bhp, and a brand new 1,2 litre TSI engine capable of delivering 105 bhp.

Source: WorldCarFans

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