volkswagen touareg 2motion –

The rumor mill has started spinning once more, this time with winds coming from France’s L’Automobile, who says that Volkswagen might be planning, in the future, a big change for the newest Touareg SUV generation: dropping the 4Motion all-wheel drive system in favor of a simpler, 2Motion rear-wheel drive setup.

Why would it want such a thing? In order to decrease the weight of the chunky SUV, in order to decrease its asking price and to increase the fuel efficiency of the 2011 Touareg. It seems that not even the promise of a hybrid version or the very frugal diesel engines will attract people, so VW is planning ahead.

Still, it’s pretty peculiar that the German carmaker will opt for a RWD setup, instead of a more common FWD arrangement, found on quite a few entry-level SUVs. We’re not so sure about the validity of this rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.


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