Volkswagen Touareg ready to go to war –

I’m sure everytime you hear about the Volkswagen Touareg, the last thing that comes to your mind is a military vehicle. I mean, if we were talking about a Hummer or a Jeep, that would be ok, but a Touareg? Anyways, for those who can’t figure out a meaning for this (including us), actually there’s a pretty good explanaiton. The Touareg Military Edition was created by Volkswagen to offer an advantage when discussing future military deals, because another current offer, the Mercedes G Class got pretty old, so VW would have some advantages.

The car is finished in matte green paint, is stripped of all its chrome and is powered by VW’s V10 TDI engine that produces 310 hp and 533 ft-lbs of torque. Of course, the military Touareg has all sorts of antennas ans antennas and premium communications systems, plus plenty of recovery hooks at the front and rear and, if really necessary, a machine gun can be mounted on the car’s roof.

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Full Photo Gallery: VW Touareg Military Edition

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