Volkswagen’s Car-Net Controversy: Paying Extra to Track Your Stolen Car!

  • Volkswagen’s Car-Net service has come under scrutiny after a customer reported that representatives refused to provide assistance until a fee of $150 was paid to reinstate the service.
  • The service, intended to aid customers in locating their lost or stolen cars, is not live 24/7 but can be reactivated for a fee.
  • The incident came to light when a Volkswagen owner had their car stolen and Car-Net representatives were contacted for location assistance.
  • The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the service as they were asked to pay before any assistance could be provided, despite their desperate situation.

Alright, let’s buckle in and shift gears to overdrive. You’d think if your car-abacus was counting more walnuts on the ‘stolen’ side, the folks at Car-Net would hop to it like they’re in a Fast and Furious movie, right? Well, apparently not! You really do have to love the irony – a service you’re paying for to find your stolen car, only to be pinched for extra cash when you actually need it.

Volkswagen’s Car-Net is like that coworker who promises to cover your lunch shift, but suddenly has a very important phone call whenever the kitchen gets hectic. Can you believe it? Paying 150 bucks for the privilege of tracking your own stolen car! What’s next? A fee for the air in our tires?

So, let’s steer this conversation towards the exit ramp. Volkswagen, we get it, everyone needs to earn a bounty, but there’s a right time and a place. And sorry, pals, a stolen car is not the pit stop for your pit-pocketing service charges. Pedal hard on the gas of human decency, please!


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