Volkswagen’s future eco-friendly technologies –

Volkswagen gave some details about its upcoming strategies to develop more eco-friendly engines. First one is a new technology called “Combined Combustion System” (CCS), technology that mixes the fuel and air ‘homogeneously’ inside the engine, which removes any trace of soot and reduces polluting nitrogen oxides. CCS also requires a synthetic fuel for optimal results.

This new fuel type, called SynFuel, is derived from natural gas and is currently under development by several carmakers. Another engine technology that Volkswagen plans to develop is the “Gasoline Compression Ignition” (GCI) system, which Volkswagen says it will be as clean as petrol motors and as efficient as diesels. GCI works by using spark plugs during start-up and hard acceleration, but relying on sparkless compression ignition, like a diesel, during low load situations, such as cruising on a highway.

Both technologies, the “Combined Combustion System” and the “Gasoline Compression Ignition” are planned to be introduced into production cars by 2015. This is very good news and once again we see that the large car companies are starting to take an environmental approach in their strategies.

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