Volkswagen's new compact sedan to bear Jetta name, Polo might arrive in the US |

Volkswagen has big plans for the North American market, as new reports indicate that the codenamed New Compact Sedan the company has been preparing might keep the Jetta nameplate. Also, according to Car and Driver, there are plans to bring the Polo compact hatchback in the US, in order to battle newly released models like the Ford Fiesta. Also, you should expect a new coupe concept to appear in motor shows soon enough.

First off, the new compact sedan (clever codename right?) will be manufactured at the Mexico plant where the Jetta is currently made. In order to keep the brand (or perhaps they ordered too many Jetta badges), the new model will bear the same name, and might arrive as soon as summer 2010 on the US market, and after a few tweaks, on the European one.

Seeing as how the newest trend in the USA are compact hatchbacks, with Ford’s Fiesta leading the new push into the segment, Volkswagen might be tempted to bring its Polo model, especially after it received the prestigious European Car of the Year award.

Last but not least, it seems that the German company is thinking about releasing a new coupe model, which will be previewed by an upcoming concept, that will make the rounds at the biggest auto shows. Depending on the reaction of the media and the market, a green light might be given.

Overall, VW is definitely preparing some big surprises for the US market, and alongside the new sedan, it might pull it off. What will work and what won’t is something only time will tell.

Source: Car and Driver via Autoblog

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