Volkswagen’s Roller Coaster Ride: The Uncertain Future of Affordable Electric Vehicles

  • Volkswagen (VW) previously hinted at the development of an electric vehicle (EV) that would retail for under €20,000.
  • Although the company seemed confident about the product’s feasibility in April, doubts about this affordable EV have since surfaced.
  • VW is now uncertain about whether to actually put this cost-effective EV into production.

Well folks, looks like Volkswagen has taken us on an emotional rollercoaster of EV proportions. One day, they’re teasing us about a brand new, budget-friendly EV and the next, they’re uncertain about whether they have the guts to make this a reality. It’s like being promised a fancy steak dinner, only to be told afterwards that you might just be having vegetable soup for dinner.

Not that there’s anything wrong with vegetable soup, but when you’ve got your taste buds all set for a juicy piece of steak, veggie soup seems rather disappointing.

Let’s hope VW soon ditch the indecisiveness and give it to us straight. Will we have the steak or will we have to settle for the soup? Only they can make that call. Let’s just hope they make it soon, or we might just find ourselves dining elsewhere!


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