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Volvo C30 Electric

The Swedish automaker revealed earlier this week its plans to make 250 units of the C30 Electric model, which will arrive to European customers starting with this fall. And by customers we mean government agencies, businesses and other “authorities”, only a few will reach normal users.

The car will be manufactured at the company’s assembly line located in Ghent, Belgium and from there it will be transported to Goteborg, Sweden where they’ll install the electric motor, battery pack and the rest of the EV-specific components.

The company stated that the C30 Electric should provide a driving range of up to 93.2 miles (150 km). Not really relevant for an EV, but the 0-31 mph (0-50 km/h) sprint will be done in 4 seconds, while top speed is rated at 80.8 mph (130 km/h). These figures are not that bad, but we can’t say the same thing about the car’s price tag as Volvo plans to charge $2,100 / month for one of these cars and even worse, you cannot buy the car, only lease it, which means that for a regular 3-year rental, you’ll have to pay a whopping $76,764 which is pretty insane if you ask me.

My guess is that they won’t expand production plans anytime soon if they keep this exorbitant price tag.

Source: Volvo via Green Car Reports

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2011 Volvo C30 Electric

How many among us are willing to pay more than $2,000 per month to drive an electric Volvo? Don’t get me wrong, I think Volvo makes pretty good cars, and their latest models have an attractive design, but I can’t imagine anybody paying that much for the C30 Electric.

The reason for this is because the total cost of the car will set you back $75,000, which is about three times more than the Nissan Leaf (after its tax credit), and taking into consideration that you will be leasing it, at the end of the contract you will still not own the car. Even more absurd is that this hefty price tag is bigger than what you would pay for the sexy Tesla Model S, which should hit the market next year at a base price of $49,900 (after the federal tax credit).

According to Lennart Stegland, who is the vice president of Volvo Cars Special, the Swedish automaker plans to offer the C30 Electric for lease at a price of 1,500 Euros (more than $2100) / month. Although the pricing has not been finalized, he added that the company will still lose money for every car leased, despite the fact that a $75,000 price tag is not attractive for most of us.

The Volvo C30 Electric will soon be tested on a limited basis in fleets, with approximately 400 units involved in that and the publicly available lease cars will be roll out starting with the first part of 2012.

I can’t imagine someone paying that much for the car, except for huge Volvo fans or people that really like the looks of the C30. As far as I’m concerned, I’d take the Tesla S immediately.

Source: Autoblog Green via GreenCarReports

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